The Runner

Running began for me as a way to lose weight, plain and simple. After cleaning up my diet, I knew I needed to move more to burn calories—so I started running.

More than 4 years later and 50 pounds lighter, I am still running. These days I run for fun and to compete against myself. Somewhere along the line running went from being a calorie-burner to a sanity-saver, cheap therapy, and second love.


My first brush with running came from using the Couch to 5K training program in Fall 2008.  And I just kept going from there…

I’ve experienced my fair share of injuries over the course of my time running—from a stress fracture to hip tendinitis that stretched on for over a year and a calf strain. I’ve found my body is happiest when I don’t run on back to back days and when I consistently strength train. Following GPP Fitness’ programming has cut my injuries back to almost null.


In November 2011 I completed my first marathon. I have also completed 3 5K races.

I’m currently contemplating running my second marathon in Spring 2014. We’ll see.


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