I climbed Mount Fuji

Life sure got busy last week—it’s been almost a week since my last post because I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone type…

But there’s lots of ‘good busy’ happening in my life right now. My job in Japan has ended. J and I are only 15 sleeps away from flying back to the U.S. AND we found out last week that we were approved for the apartment we applied for.

Still lots of cleaning, packing, and organizing to do before we move home (and even more once we get home and finally sort through the stuff we own and have forgotten about!).

But, in the meantime, we climbed Mount Fuji this past weekend.

Here’s a video recap of the climb (Spoiler: I hated it!):


As you might have noticed from the video, I have gotten Windows Movie Maker cooperating again—I think this will get me motivated to make videos more regularly again! Once we are back home and in a regular routine, I will resume my weigh-in videos.


There is no shortcut

I sometimes get e-mails, Facebook messages, and tweets from friends, family, and strangers who have decided to get healthier. These people always ask the same questions (which I really don’t mind answering!) — How’d I lose the weight?, Do I have any saggy post-weight loss skin?, and How do I maintain now? — but I’m afraid they probably don’t like the answers I give them.

Because the truth is I lost the weight through hard work: lots of educating myself, portion control, and good, old-fashioned exercise. We live in a world that wants what it wants NOW, but sustainable weight loss doesn’t work this way, in my experience. I maintain my healthy lifestyle the exact same way I began it: lots of educating myself, portion control, and good, old-fashioned exercise.

The truth is, there’s NO shortcut to reaching goal and staying there. The same hard work it took to get me to goal is what it takes to stay there. And when I decide I don’t really need to eat vegetables today, or that another scoop of peanut butter won’t kill me, that’s when I start to see goal slipping away. It’s a daily commitment that I have to remind myself of because deep down I will always be that fat girl who loves cheesecake and sleep more than most anything. I choose to overcome that everyday and make the necessary choices to stay healthy (and happy!).

So where is this post going? Today was a genuine test of my commitment to fitness.

I woke up early, which should have been a good sign, but pitter-pattered around the apartment too long before eating breakfast. That damn Internet sucks my morning away all the time—I should work on that. Before I knew it, J was reminding me that we needed to leave soon to run errands and go out for lunch, and I still had not worked out.

I took yesterday as a rest day, which means I really should work out today. There was no reason to not work out, except laziness, so I PROMISED myself I would do it when we got back home. Four hours and lots of walking later we were home and I was EXHAUSTED. Totally spent. Work out? Forget it! I took a nap, woke up, and got my GPP on anyway—because I’m committed to my health and my goals.

It would have been so easy to say, “Nah, I’m too tired. I’ll just workout tomorrow.” But those unnecessarily missed workouts add up. Good choices add up, too, though.


Admittedly, another reason I was able to force the workout was because I wanted to test out my new running shoes. After a few more runs in my Vibram Five Fingers, I’ve decided that my feet just aren’t liking barefoot running as much as I am, which is a shame. But, I’d heard that the Nike Free Runs were a good alternative because they have less drop than a traditional running shoe and a little cushioning. So, after much research (they’re retail at $100, so you best believe I was Googling  my little heart out!) I decided to hop on a good deal I found today.

My thoughts after one run? Love them. They feel so natural and light on my feet, yet I can maintain my mid-foot strike. (After running in Vibrams-only for 4 months, a heel strike feels so awful.) I hope they continue to work well for me.

And today’s weekly weigh-in:

A surprise.


(In case you’ve read this post hoping for an answer to the saggy skin question: Yes, I do have saggy post-weight loss skin. I think it’s a beautiful reminder of the person I used to be and never want to return to.)

Packing mayhem begins

Oh Goodness. Another week’s come and gone before I know it. Truthfully, I’m pretty A-OK with that. This girl is ready to get her butt home to the U.S.A. and every week that goes by is one week closer to getting there.

Approximately 11 weeks remaining in Japan at this point.

This morning I woke up and stormed the GPP WOD. Loved every tough minute of it—all 19 of them. Then, I went for a little run. Yes, a run. That would happen the day after I posted a blog about running, wouldn’t it? My foot didn’t hurt, but I’m not getting my hopes too high yet.

The rest of my day was consumed by this:


Boxes, boxes everywhere. I’m seriously tired of moving and ready to find some place to settle down.

We’re mailing off some of our stuff tomorrow and needed to get it packed up today.

I also tackled this mess:


My closet, sans doors, before and after. I’m donating THREE boxes of stuff tomorrow, too, which I’m taking as a sign that I should STOP BUYING CLOTHES.

Here’s this week’s weigh-in:

If you want to feel bad about yourself, let YouTube pick your video still. ;)

I’m going out with some friends tonight for dinner, drinks, and karaoke. My goal is to enjoy the evening and have fun, but keep my portion and drinks in check.

Weekly Weigh-In: #3

Weekly Weigh-In: Bodybugg Edition

Starting weight: 135
Current weight: 129.8
This week’s weight loss: 1.7 pounds
Total weight loss: 4.78 pounds


– I renewed my Bodybugg subscription, so I’m able to see exactly what I’m burning each day and adjust my eating accordingly.


– I fit in 3 strength training workouts, a few 30 minute walks, and a cardio gym day; I am LOVING strength training lately, by the way. I can now do three sets of 10 toe pushups! I’ve never had much upper-body strength, so it’s thrilling to see it developing.

– Been drinking water before each meal and snack. It’s a work in progress.

– My days were all on point this week!


– Weekend was incredibly inactive. It’s been raining every single weekend for about 3 months straight—womp, womp, womp… I’d love to include more activity into my weekend.


– Weight goal for the week ahead is 129.3. That will be a half pound lost.

– 3 ST workouts, 1 swim, 1 yoga and lots of walking when the weather cooperates.

– Count everything—it’s good practice.

Weekly Weigh-in: #1 [VIDEO]

This went up on my YouTube channel earlier this week and I wanted to share it with you.

Weekly Weigh-in: #1!

I already spilled the beans in my previous post about how the weigh-in went, but just in case you are interested in hearing my other thoughts…