The 6 week focus


Starting today, I am challenging myself to 6 clean eating, workout challenging, water guzzling weeks. It’s time to FOCUS. The holidays are over (and let’s face it—have been for some time). Spring will be here before we know it. And my bad habits aren’t magically getting any better.

Why 6 weeks? It’s long enough to kick into high gear and see results without leaving you wondering, “When is this going to end!?!” It’s also a good amount of time to establish some healthy principles that can be continued even after the challenge has ended.

Screenshot_2014-01-20-17-30-49 Screenshot_2014-01-20-19-23-54  Screenshot_2014-01-20-15-55-41

My goals for the next 6 weeks include:

  • tracking my food every day
  • following a 40/30/30 macro split
  • drinking a gallon of water every day
  • 5 days a week of scaled GPP workouts
  • completing a 6 week cycle of GPP’s Shaping Bias
  • HIIT cardio workouts 2x a week

Where did the motivation for this come from? I have been eating like crap, not working out consistently, and just generally feeling blah. I KNOW that working out regularly, clean eating, and drinking lots of water makes me feel good. But it sure can be hard to get back at it when you’ve been off track for a bit, can’t it?

I’ll be sharing my progress with you, along with my meals and some workouts.


Fast running and good eating

March is almost over and I’ve really been amping up my running lately. But seriously, good riddance to March because it’s been cold, snowy, and busy!

This morning was my longest run since last October, when I was in the middle of marathon training. I’ve been adding a little bit more mileage each weekend and had worked my way up to being ready to run 5 miles this morning.

I could never have imagined what those 5 miles would look like.


My first mile was around 9:16, which I thought was going to be a huge mistake. I definitely thought I’d gone out too fast and was going to have wrecked the rest of the run. Wrong.

The second mile was around 9:08 and it seems that my miles just got faster from there. I have no idea where this fast 5 miles came from—heck, I didn’t even know I was capable of running a sub-9 minute/mile run. But apparently I am. Just makes me wonder what else I am capable of that I don’t know about…

The coolest thing about this run though was how fantastic my legs felt during and even afterwards. It was the best feeling to feel strong enough to run fast and not be injured afterward. Thank you, GPP and all the HIIT workouts I’ve been doing.


Had some banana Chobani with cinnamon and ground flaxseed immediately after the run to get some protein in my body. (Also had a sandwich later when my stomach was ready for it.)


The only other notable meal today was the salad I chose at Panera Bread when my husband and I swung in mid-grocery shopping trip. He hadn’t ate lunch yet and I was ready for round 2 of lunch after my morning run. Above is the Spinach Power salad—minus the mushrooms. It was very satisfying, which is something I rarely say about a salad.

The day is almost over, but I’m still riding the high from my speedy run. I’m currently training for a 10K in May and according to the McMillian Running Calculator I could do it in a little over 55 minutes based on today’s pace… my goal has always just been to beat 60 minutes in the 10K, so to shatter it by 5 minutes would be magical!


Time to unwind with some Zevia (love it!) and my current read, Ryan Hall’s Running With Joy (can’t put it down).

Husband of the year!

Well, he did it. My husband has officially knocked all others out of the running for husband of the year.


You see, I am slightly obsessed with Jillian Michaels. It’s part innocent girl crush and a whole lot of admiration for helping to kick start my ass into getting fit. FACT: 30 Day Shred was the first workout DVD I ever owned (coincidentally, Jeremy bought that for me, too) and one of my first touches with exercise.

The idea of ever seeing Jillian Michaels in person isn’t one I’ve ever allowed myself to entertain—it was too far fetched.

But… it’s happening on May 9!


Tonight, after battling through what appears to be the beginnings of a demonic snow storm, Jeremy surprised me yet again by not only buying me a ticket to see my fitness hero in the flesh, but going with me. Who is this man?!?

I am so excited and even more motivated to kick ass and take names with my workouts in the meantime. Got to look amazing for my girl!

Speaking of workouts, the weather has really been terrible lately—snow almost every week it seems.

giant snowman pug

There was enough snow last week for our neighbors to make this bewilderingly large snowman… Link is terrified of it. All the snow has really been cramping my running-style, so I’ve been hitting the treadmill twice a week for some 20-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) runs and forcing myself outdoors on the weekend.


I got in a particularly good HIIT session on Monday at lunchtime that made me feel proud. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned this go around with regaining fitness and losing weight is that you have to take each choice as it comes and make the best one you can. I didn’t wake up on time to get my HIIT session in before work on Monday, so I made it fit in my lunch hour.


Obviously, this is easier to do when you work at a gym. ;)