Letting January Go

Oh January. I think there’s a reason why you’re considered the most depressing month of the year. I’m glad you are gone and I’m thinking positive thoughts for February.

If you’ve noticed my absence, it’s because January 2014 was a particularly tough month for me. The weather has been cold, blah and grey, complete with lots of snow days. I have self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (Thanks Google!) and find my mood dips big time if I go too many days without seeing sunshine. In addition to the blahs, my doctor switched up my anti-depressant, which I believe was the right choice. However the taper from one drug to the other was less than pleasant. Picture me in bed more than a few times with terrible headaches. There’s currently no hope on the horizon on the job-front. And the icing on top? Our new health insurance listed zero chiropractors in this area as approved providers.* WHAT?

I tell you all of the above not to complain or have you feel sorry for me, but to share that we all have tough times.


I love that quote and try to keep it in mind when I feel like my little world is spinning out of control. Tough times don’t mean you are a weak person. Tough times don’t mean you aren’t doing enough or trying hard enough… Tough times happen to everyone.

Luckily, February seems to be looking up. There’s a lot of possibility still hanging out in the remaining 25 days of this month and I’m going to do my best to soak all of that possibility up and do something positive with it.

Some cool stuff currently going on in my life:

  • I’m currently reading through the Bible with Lindsay. I’m a bit behind, but catching up.
  • Started a nutrition/food course today through EdX that is really interesting and will give me some continuing education I can use with my personal training clients down the road
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up. The husband and I aren’t doing anything super special, but it’s still a nice change of pace from our current daily routine.
  • I turn 27 on the 28th! Holy crap. I remember when 27 seemed so OLD to me.
  • I’m going to be applying for more jobs
  • *(Oh, and about that chiropractor business… my best friend found out that her chiropractor was going through the process of becoming in-network with my health insurance. So, I’ll be getting adjusted very soon to alleviate my back and neck pain.)

I’m also aiming to start exercising more consistently (the last two weeks have been pretty good) and eating a little more nutritiously this month.

Here’s to February and may it suck a lot less than January, which can go to Hell.


One comment

  1. Good luck on the job front. Job searching is NOT easy! I think I ended up applying to close to 150 jobs when I first got my degree. But remember, something WILL come through for you. It may take a while but it will come through… keep on keeping on :)

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