Think about it: Let Today’s Best Be Enough


For the past few months I have gotten very competitive concerning my workouts. If I’m not able to beat a previous time on a workout I’ve done before, I’ get defensive and start making up excuses about why today was slower or not as good. Then I realized I’m the only one who cares about my time anyway and I needed to move past the excuses and just let the workout and my time be what they were: the best I had in me that day. And that’s OK!

I’m all about the Me vs. Me mentality and striving to be greater today than I was yesterday, but it’s easy to push those thoughts too far and let them control my mood. My performance and workout should not be based only on a comparison of how I’ve done before. Just because I’m slower today or I lift less weight today doesn’t make me less than I was the previous time I did the workout.

There’s more to it than that—I’m not competing with the same person I was before (especially with GPP workouts because we only repeat most of them every few months). Hopefully I’ve developed more physically and mentally in those months. And there’s so many other factors that come into play, too, like how you slept the night before, if you’re dehydrated, if you’re tuned in mentally, etc.

Take each workout as what it is: a chance to grow and better yourself and a blessing to be healthy and in good enough shape to complete it. Let today’s best be enough.


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