[[Food Thoughts]] PRODUCT REVIEWS

Over the last month I’ve had the chance to try a lot of new foods/products. Some I’ve bought with my own money and others I have been given to try by Blend sponsors. Regardless of how the product came into my hands—these are my honest opinions:

blue diamond coconut almonds

Blue Diamond recently came out with some new sweet flavors of their almonds—they’re sweetened with Stevia. I received four different flavors to try (Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Coconut) and I enjoyed them all. It was something I could definitely use to tame my sweet tooth in a healthy way.


Blue Print Cleanse was one of the sponsors for Blend. They provided juice samples throughout the weekend. I tried a few of the juices (I am allergic to kiwi and pineapple, which was in some of the juices) and was impressed. My favorite was the one pictured above, which I am planning to purchase with my own money soon. You can buy Blue Print Cleanse juices at Whole Foods Market.

body logix protein powder

I re-stocked my favorite protein powder recently. I can only find Body Logix protein powder at Meijer and both of the stores in Ann Arbor had been out of the product for weeks! I repurchased the Decadent Chocolate flavor and bought the Vanilla Ice Cream for the first time. They are both awesome—around $20 for a huge tub of no-hormone added, stevia-sweetened whey protein powder. Definitely recommend these!

erewhon and muesli fusion

Two other Blend sponsors, Muesli Fusion and Erewhon (Attune Foods), gave me some full-size products to check out. I have been mixing both of these with Chobani Greek yogurt for breakfast and snacks. The Buckwheat and Hemp Erewhon is pretty plain, so I like adding it to other cereals to get the flavor of that cereal instead. The Super Muesli mix is awesome—full of whole almonds, dried fruit, hemp, and chia seeds. Would definitely buy the Muesli Fusion with my own money, but probably not that flavor of the Erewhon.

ezekial bread and laughing cow

I’ve started buying Ezekial bread as my only sandwich/toast bread. It’s sprouted, which makes it more easily digested and higher in protein and fiber than most other breads. Also, I like that it is made with real food ingredients. The Laughing Cow was sent to me (I won it during the giveaway at Blend) earlier this week. I LOVE Laughing Cow products, but was disappointed to realize the “sweet” varieties have sucralose. Bummer.

iced bhakti chai

Picked this Bhakti Chai coffee blend up at Whole Foods on a whim. It was DELICIOUS. Fresh ginger made it spicier than most Chai teas I’ve had, but it was a good spicy.


Bought this Two Moms in the Raw granola bar before boarding the plane for Blend. Had never tried this brand before and I’m not sure I’d ever had a “raw” bar before. It was fantastic and I’d buy it again. Great airport choice.

larabar ALT

Searched out and bought these new Larabar ALT’s with my own money. They are not very readily available at any of the stores where I shop, so I went out of my way to get my paws on them. They were good, but a little drier than I would have preferred—I’m guessing from the protein powder? The Pumpkin Pie flavor was my favorite, but they were all good. I would probably wait until I found these on sale to stock up.

nutriforce whey

We get a ton of free samples at work—a lot of them I pass on because they are full of junk. This NutriForce Sports whey protein powder came in last week and it was pretty natural/junk-free so I decided to try it. ICK! Way too sweet—and I like sweet. I did enjoy the chocolate curls that were included, however, I could only stomach a few sips.

nuun and fit mier clean energy

Fit Mixer was another sponsor of Blend. They provided all attendees with a tub of their Clean Energy—a “pre-workout” type supplement that claims to help you have more energy and burn more fat during your workout. I don’t really care about the fat-burning claim, but I can say that I have used it before workouts to get some more energy! I LOVE this supplement and would buy it with my own money. Bonus: It tastes like a cherry Jollyrancher.

probar bolt

Before Blend I had never tried a Pro Bar product. Now, I’ve tried their Bolt energy chews and Fuel-line of bars. The Fuel bars reminded me a little of Larabars, but with chia seeds added. They were good. I’ve attempted to buy some since receiving the samples, but I haven’t been able to find them. The Bolt energy chews are the best endurance-workout type chew I’ve tried. They taste just like candy, but without all the junk.

starbucks refreshers

Picked a case of these Starbucks Refreshers canned energy drinks up from Costco a few months ago. They taste great and are made with Stevia and Green Coffee beans. I like them (taste great!), but probably wouldn’t repurchase just because they are kind of expensive for what they are.

The Good Bean Sea Salt

The Good Bean included a bag of their sea salt chickpea snacks in the Blend swag bag. I just tried these today, but I think they are a great product. I’ve roasted my own chickpeas before—it’s not hard—but I could never get mine as crisp as these are. Also, the simple sea salt flavor was nice. Would be a great alternative to chips.

trader joes cookie butter

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter has been out for a while now. I have resisted as long as possible because I had a feeling this product would be dangerous (hard to put down) for me. Well… I was right. The Devil lives in this jar. I will never repurchase this to keep at home because it calls my name from the cabinet and resisting is incredibly difficult. However, it is delicious.

vega sport recovery acceleratorvega sport electrolyte hydrator

Heather shared some Vega Sport samples with me at Blend. I had tried one of Vega’s pre-workout drinks a few years ago and it was wretched, so I was hoping these products would be better. Since the original product I tried, they have reformulated and I am so happy to say I have enjoyed all of the products from the Vega Sport line, so far.

The Recover Accelerator had really helped me take care of my body after some hard workout (and I was WAY less sore the day after than I normally would have been). I also LOVE the lemon-lime flavor of the Electrolyte Hydrator. I mix some in my water and sip it during Spin classes.

zevia wall

I was ecstatic to hear that Zevia was sponsoring Blend—I’ve been drinking Zevia for a few months now instead of regular soda. I have since gotten to try a lot more flavors and I wanted to share my favorites with you. The Dr. Zevia and Orange flavors are the biggest winners in my house. However, the Strawberry and Black Cherry flavors are good, too. My least favorite flavor so far has probably been the Cherry Cola because the cola flavor was so weak.

Whew! I think that is enough reviews for one night… If you’ve tried any of these products please let me know what you thought. Maybe you liked something that I didn’t or vice-versa.


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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