Current life adventures

Life has gotten very busy, very fast.

1. Last week I started coaching a new program at work. It is really fun getting to help members of my club reach their goals, but the program is time consuming.

2. I’ve been subbing some spinning classes for instructors at my gym. I LOVE teaching spinning—it is so much fun to pick out music and create a ride profile for my students, and then use it to kick my students’ butts. Creating rides+teaching the class=at least 2 hours/class.

3. Adopting this beast has kept my husband and I extremely busy:

magus sleepy

Magus is settling right into our family. Jeremy has already taught him “stay,” “sit,” and he’s getting pretty close to being housebroken. Link and Magus are getting along just as well as we had hoped, too.

4. My job is incredibly active. It is the first job I’ve ever had with this level of activity and, after starting there in September, I’m still getting used to it.

Fitbit Dashboard

Even though I love food and I love to eat, learning how to fuel myself smartly for work + my own workouts is still a work in progress.

5. My left knee has been bugging me off/on for the last two weeks. It started pretty out of nowhere and I haven’t been able to pinpoint what the problem is. I’ve been taking it easier with my GPP workouts last week and this week to not further aggravate my knee. It seems to be feeling better yesterday and today—here’s to hoping it is something simple and easy to heal.


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