Three becomes four

Last August, Jeremy and I adopted our first dog, Link.


He was 3 months old when we brought him home from the animal shelter. Raising him for the last 10 months has been a blessing for Jeremy and I. Not only is he a great dog, but he feels, to me, like a child. I know that drives some people crazy… but judge away—I’m not pushing any babies out in the near future!

Because of our success with Link, we’ve known for some time we wanted to adopt another dog (and give Link a brother or sister). We’ve been visiting the local Humane Society and checking their website daily to see what new dogs were available. After one heartache (barely missing out on a wonderful dog) and a few visits with sweet dogs that just weren’t right for our family—or small apartment—we finally found the one.

Meet Magus:

Magus the Beagador

Magus is a 1 year old Beagador (Beagle+Labrador Retriever).

We adopted Magus on Friday afternoon from the Humane Society. I saw his photo on their website Thursday and immediately left work to go over and visit with him. He was incredibly sweet, but also hyper during our visit… I wasn’t 100% sure if he would fit in with Link’s laid-back attitude. Jeremy and I took Link to the shelter on Friday morning to let the two dogs meet. The meeting was a success and Jeremy agreed that Magus was joining our family.

Magus 6.8.13

I don’t get the impression that Magus has ever had a home of his own before—Jeremy and I are currently in the house breaking phase and are attempting to teach him some basic commands. So far he can sit and is doing pretty good with “stay.” He’s also great on a leash.

I believe Magus is going to make a fine addition to our little family.

link and magus on couch 2Link Magus on couch 1

Link is mostly happy with his ‘little’ brother, with the exception of sharing his toys. They play rough together, but Link keeps coming back for more, so I think he’s a fan.

magus on couch and link in floor

Our little family is complete—for now.



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