Make a different choice

Heard a favorite song (that I hadn’t thought about in a while) on my drive to work this morning. Switchfoot’s “This Is Your Life” had the wheels turning in my head all day long. Eventually I felt led to post this on my Instagram account:

This Is Your Lifef

If you aren’t happy with your current life MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE. Change starts with being unhappy enough to MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE, even if that choice is scary and uncertain. Each day that we are blessed to wake up and be alive we get to choose what our priorities will be and how we will spend the time and energy we are given.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at work lately (remember, I work at a gym and workout before I start my shift) and not enough time at home. I’ve put a lot of energy into building my fitness with GPP, but haven’t really been using that fitness (and fitness for fitness’ sake is worthless). I’ve gotten too caught up in calorie counting and macros and I’ve forgotten how to just eat healthy and not worry about the numbers. I’ve been thinking about business, instead of how I can help others change their lives.

In short, this isn’t who I want to be… it’s time to make some different choices.

I started this morning with a 3 mile run—because I love running and it adds life to my life.

3 mile AM run

It’s never too late to change.


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