Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Forgive me for the Kanye West lyrics (and the month break from blogging), but they really do describe this exact moment in my life. I’m training harder than I ever have, feeling better than I ever have, running faster than I ever have (even with less effort!), and my body is stronger than it has ever been in my whole life.

GPP training, running, and eating well 80% of the time has become a natural extension of me and it’s not something I put much active thought into anymore. I just get up each day having already made the decision that I will workout before I start work and I will eat clean, with 2-3 treats each week. It is working for me. I have never been happier with my fitness or running program.

I’m currently doing 5 GPP workouts a week, scaled by 1/3, and running 3X a week. My goal is to run a sub-2:00 half marathon this fall. I’m not currently registered for anything, but I am starting to train. I’ll find a race when I get further into my training. I tend to register for races and then something comes up and I can’t run them, wasting my registration money… not doing that this time.


This afternoon I ran 4 easy miles at Gallup Park—2 were on a running path and 2 were on the trails. Everything about this run reminded me of why I first fell in love with running: the weather was awesome, I felt like I was flying, the environment around me was breathtaking, and my body felt strong.


I finished the run in just under 37 minutes.


Truly, the trails were a stunning sight this afternoon and a welcome break from the daily grind.

A few hours went by between breakfast and my run, so I decided to try out some Pro Bar Bolt energy chews before taking off. These were a (free) sample I received while at Blend last weekend.

probar bolt chews

My opinion on the energy chews? I would (and will) buy them with my own dough. They taste great—like candy—but even better, they have fantastic ingredients that I can read and pronounce. They were easy on my tummy and gave me just enough *oomph* to knock out my run. All around winner!


Back home, I demolished some Annie’s mac ‘n cheese leftovers along with half a package of Alexia red potatoes, carrots, and green beans. The Alexia frozen veggie mix has become a fast favorite in my house.

It was such a nice, spring day. A few hours later we hopped back in the car for another trip to the trails.


This time with Link by our side.


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  1. That looks like an absolutely stunning place to run! I need to find trails to run here. We have a Riverwalk, but it is constantly crowded with any number of people and I don’t always feel like I “let go” during those runs. Way to go on your run time!

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