The challenge is over

My New Year, New You challenge at work ended last weekend with a final weigh-in and a really tough workout. It was awesome! This challenge took place over a period of 8 weeks and required participants to weigh in once a week and join in one of two weekend workouts. The workouts were always difficult, but really pushed me out of my previous comfort zone and showed me what I’m capable of in the gym.

Here are my before and after photos from the challenge.


Quite the difference, right?

I lost 10.5 pounds overall and dropped my body fat by about 5 percent during the 8 weeks.

I averaged 5-6 days of workouts during the challenge, counted my calories 95% of the time, and stuck with about 80% clean eating. This was what worked for me with having my birthday fall right in the middle of the challenge and working 40+ hours a week.

So, how did I do? I won 3rd place in the challenge. I was the only girl to place, too!

What did I take away? The challenge was great for me because it renewed my love for exercise that doesn’t involve running, got me working out consistently again, and made me start thinking about what I was putting in my mouth.


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