Sunday Funday + Week Recap

I think I could actually get back into consistent (3-4 times/week) blogging if I’m able to let go of what blogging should look like for me. For the three years my husband and I lived in Japan I had an abundance of spare time and blogged almost daily. That’s not the case anymore. But I DO miss writing and sharing my life with strangers on the internet (not at all creepy, right?).

I digress.

So here is how my Sunday went down:

morning kisses from link

Woke up to a rotten mutt stepping all over my face and licking me. Once he goes out to pee in the morning he thinks everyone needs to be awake. He does this to me every. single. morning. that he is awake before me. Rotten to the core.

oats and coffee

Had some delicious coffee and hot oats, cooked on the stovetop, before heading to church for the Palm Sunday service. I haven’t had oats cooked on the stovetop in months because I’m too lazy to dirty an extra dish and would rather microwave them. But they taste so much better and have more volume. Volume=staying full. Held me over for four hours.

blurry yoga toes

After church, I dropped into my gym’s Sunday morning vinyasa yoga class. Yesterday’s speedy 5-miler didn’t kill my legs as much as I had expected, but I knew I needed to stretch out to prevent injury. It’s been too long since I last practiced yoga and today’s downward dogs were rough—recommitting to once a week yoga practices!

shopping cart

Made a quick swing by the grocery store after yoga because we missed a few things when we went grocery shopping yesterday. Never thought I’d buy Grape Nuts… feel like an 80-year-old grandmother.


For lunch, Jeremy and I redeemed a Groupon we bought for a local Japanese restaurant. We started by sharing some shrimp and veggie tempura.

japanese curry

After eating all 4 of the gyoza that came with Jeremy’s ramen (he doesn’t like them), I was only able to eat about 1/4 of my curry rice. Will make a fun lunch this week, though.

link and mommy ready to run

After lunch and doing some chores I felt quite worn out… so I crashed for an hour. When I woke up I decided to head out for 2 easy recovery miles. Link has been getting so frustrated that I’m not taking him to run, so I decided to bring him along today. He was not at all cooperative and I had to cut the run short at 1.14 miles. He’s usually great running with me, so I’m not sure what his deal was today.

link crashed

He totally crashed when we got home.

link crashed 2

salmon and broccoli

For dinner I had baked a big salmon fillet and roasted some broccoli. My eyes ended up being bigger than my stomach and I couldn’t finish all of the salmon… more leftovers for lunch.

A Quick Weekly Update


Ran 12ish miles this week—3 easy runs and 1 speed run.


Still getting the hang of maintenance. Lots to think about and try.

Time to relax for a little bit before bed and catch up on some TV shows with my husband.


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