Super Sunday

peace sign glove

This weird glove has been laying in my gym’s parking lot for a week. I love that it’s a peace sign and can’t bring myself to pick it up. I think it’s a sign and would hate to make someone else miss seeing it—it might make a rough day easier for a gym member.

Anyway, speaking of peace—today was really peaceful and fun!

After church, Jeremy and I headed to my first yoga class ever. Yes…ever.

I’ve done tons of yoga in the past, but it’s always been at home, using a DVD or podcast. I’ve learned a lot through those practices and feel comfortable with all the poses, but I knew it would be totally different to take a class. Having an actual instructor in front of me and other students in the class made my yoga practice much more interesting. The class flew by.

And I left glowing:

post-yoga glow

My body seriously needed that yoga practice and felt like a million bucks after. Another really cool part of the class was the yoga instructor used aromatherapy before and after class. At the end of class she came around and gave a quick shoulder/neck massage to each student. Jeremy thought it was weird, but I loved it!

Post-yoga and grocery shopping this afternoon, I took Link on a long walk.

You see, I joined Gym Pact when they (finally!!!) launched on the Android platform this week. However, I totally forgot to check in while at yoga this morning. Translation: If I didn’t get in another 30 minute workout, I’d owe $5 because all workouts need to be logged by Sunday and I needed 1 more to hit my current goal of 3 workouts a week. No way—a 30 minute walk with the dog did the job.

And, then I hit my goal. Technically I even exceeded my goal.

Dinner tonight was total splurge:

cheat night hamburger

Grass-fed beef hamburgers with sharp cheddar cheese and turkey bacon on whole wheat buns; mixed greens salad with Italian dressing

Hamburgers aren’t something I normally like to make at home—I feel like they are so freaking messy. However, I was craving a good burger and wanted to try the beef we bought at Costco last weekend. The verdict? Excellent.

sleepy stink

Link got tired of begging for food—we don’t feed him “people food” so he passed out on the couch.

Church. Yoga. Trader Joe’s. Family walk. Great day!

You’ve Got Mail (one of my favorite movies EVER) just came on TV and The Biggest Loser (WITH JILLIAN!!!) returns tonight.

What a way to close out the weekend.


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