2013 Goals

I thought I’d take the day off from life blogging to spend the last bit of 2012 with my sweet husband. Sometimes we all need to unplug. So while we are squeezing every last bit out of this year and going out to dinner, here are my five goals for 2013:

  • Run a half marathon. With the number of hours I’m currently working, I don’t think a full marathon will be feasible in 2013 without losing my sanity, but a half definitely should! I’m looking at either the DX-A2 Half on June 2 or the Ann Arbor Marathon Half on June 9. It looks like the first one is cheaper, so I may go with that option since they are so close in dates anyway.
  • Hit goal weight (and 18-20% body fat) by April. I’m not comfortable sharing exact numbers on the blog, but I’m about 8-10 pounds above goal weight. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I can tell from the way my clothes fit that I’ve meandered a bit off course. Returning to food journaling, regular running, and strength training (the basics for me) are the key. I don’t aspire to be skinny—I aspire to be fit + happy + comfortable in my body.
  • No makeup buying. I must admit that I’m a makeup junkie. Watching You Tube beauty guru videos and buying/playing with new makeup are some of my favorite guilty pleasures. But my makeup collection exploded in 2012 and I need to use up products I already own before they expire. The only exception to this goal is if I 100% run out of ALL of a particular kind of product and have no backups—then I can buy 1 of it. I doubt that happening…
  • Read 15 books. This might be a tiny bit of a stretch, but I think it is mostly do-able. I’ve gotten really out of the habit of reading before bed—something I used to love—and  I want to get back into it. I got an e-reader for Christmas, so that should help a lot.
  • Cook 12 new dishes. Jeremy and I are in a major food funk. We basically rotate through the same 5-10 dinners that we both like (truthfully, it’s probably closer to 5 than 10). I’d like 2013 to become the year that we become more adventurous and willing to experiment in the kitchen. If we never try, we’ll always be stuck on these same handful of dinners. And I’m VERY tired of those handful of dinners!
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