Sunday Setup: Week of Dec. 30, 2012

My vacation is quickly coming to a close and work begins again on Tuesday. I know that preparation is the key to my success with balancing health+work+home, so here’s my Sunday Setup for the week:

Chicken quesadillas 
Red Lobster
Tuesday: Salmon, honey-roasted sweet corn, & mac ‘n cheese
Wednesday: Crockpot vegetable soup
Thursday: Spaghetti with meat (ground turkey) sauce
Friday: Hamburger with whole wheat bun
Saturday: Leftover vegetable soup

walking with the husband
Monday: Yoga (30-minutes)
Tuesday: Run 1 mile + GPP
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Spinning *It has been too long!*
Friday: 1.25 mile run + GPP
Saturday: REST

I’ll definitely adjust my workouts according to how I feel. If work is as crazy this week as I am expecting, I might need an additional rest day.

What’s your plan for success this week? 2013 resolutions?


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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