Shop and Read

We have groceries! More on that in a moment…

I’d estimate most of our day was spent out and about—we went to church (and got there super early because we didn’t realize there was only 1 service today) and then spent hours walking around Costco and Trader Joe’s stocking our kitchen with delicious and healthy food for the new year.

Even though we really were gone almost all day, I feel like I did mostly this today:

reading in bed

relaxing in bed with the dog, reading (Currently: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin)

But clearly we did get some necessary stuff done, as evidenced by this ridiculous photo:

costco haul

That was our Trader Joe’s and Costco haul and it took forever to find room for it and put it all away. We did eventually, though.

We’ve been in Ann Arbor for four months now and this was our first trip to Costco! I’d heard good and bad things (spending too much $$$) about the store, so we’ve mostly avoided it. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that A LOT of the stuff we already buy at the supermarket is available—and cheaper—at our Costco. Annie’s macaroni and cheese, Chobani Greek yogurt, and Odwalla fruit juices were a few of the items we came home with.

I’m hoping this trip will last us well into February because we spent more than I was expecting.

Nevertheless, it’s AWESOME to have some fresh food in the house again after all the fun holiday eating.


We got straight to lunch after putting the groceries away because it was well after 2 p.m. at that point and we’d ate breakfast around 8:30—I was starving.

Broccoli and cheese soup (1 cup), 1/2 Asiago bagel, and 2 clementines

This is what really was happening while I ate, though:

begging link

Link is a fantastic dog—seriously, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit for our family—but he likes to be right next to you as you eat. He doesn’t even try to steal food… he just wants to be as close as possible. Weirdo.

Post-lunch focused on reading and eventually taking a short nap because I was wiped out from all the shopping.

quesadillas green beans

Dinner tonight was something we’ve not made in a while: quesadillas.

Chicken + pepperjack cheese quesadilla with pico de gallo and green beans

Our new goal is to have at least one vegetable with every dinner we make at home. I’m NOT a huge veggie lover, but it’s important to try and I’ve totally fallen out of the habit of eating vegetables on purpose.

trader joes chai tea lattepeppermint bark

2 pieces Dove peppermint bark and Trader Joe’s chai tea latte with a splash of coconut milk for dessert

Now it’s time to dive back into my book. It’s getting good!


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