Just breathe

Today was a giant reminder that I am not perfect or have everything under control. From the moment I walked into my day job this morning until the second I left I could feel the pressure of all I needed to accomplish sitting on my chest—and I just wanted to scream from feeling so frustrated.

But I didn’t… because I remembered that I can do this—I don’t have to be perfect (I’ll definitely make some mistakes along the way!) and I can ask for help and delegate small jobs to other people. God placed me right where I am in this job and in this time for a reason.

Tonight, when I came home, I took a minute to just breathe and enjoy a few minutes with J. Food has always been a big comfort for me and it’s so easy to slip back into that habit—so I was extra cautious while eating dinner and got out of the kitchen as soon as possible to avoid falling into the “I’m gonna eat my feelings” trap.


Instead, I’m sipping my favorite tea and looking at my schedule for tomorrow. I know it’s got to be possible to find the time I need for myself (to workout, eat healthy, and be with my family), but still be a dependable, superstar at work, too. But man, sometimes those two butt heads in a major way!


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