Sunday Setup Success

Now that I have a (sort of) normal schedule, I’ve gotten myself into a routine on Sundays. This routine helps ensure I kick start the upcoming week and position myself for the greatest chance of success.

Here’s how it works:

Wake up early and hit the grocery stores before they get too crowded. I personally shop at Meijer’s and Trader Joe’s on a weekly basis, but some weeks I skip TJ’s if I only need one or two things.

Church. We go to the 11:00 service.

Back home for lunch—and then the fun begins:


I bake some kind of healthy snack for the week ahead. Today it was pumpkin muffins that I made healthier by subbing applesauce for oil.


I also had apple butter simmering in the crockpot all day for Jeremy.


I pack my lunch and snacks for Monday and throw it in the fridge.


I check and pack my gym bag with the clothes I’ll need for work (I workout before work).

I pre-set my rice cooker to have my oatmeal ready and my coffee pot to have my coffee ready for Monday morning.

I look over my schedule for the week ahead and figure out what time I need to set the alarm for and what time I should be pulling out of the parking lot to make it to the gym on time.

I make a healthy dinner that can be reheated later in the week as leftovers.

And THAT is Sunday success. I’m ending the day feeling prepared for the week ahead.

Here’s how this week went a la Fitbit:


See ya later this week!


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