Expect the Unexpected

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate title for this blog post. Expect the unexpected.

In the last two weeks my life has been turned upside down by a family emergency that required me to drive back home to Kentucky immediately, miss a week of work, and deal with some really tough stuff. I’m pulling through and learning that I am stronger emotionally than I had ever realized.

However, today something really good and unexpected happened, too.


I finally got my personal trainer shirt to wear at the gym—this is great because it gives me extra credibility with members who have already seen other trainers wearing their highlighter yellow shirts.

I’ve been busting my butt for the last month to get this shirt, so it felt like a big accomplishment to me.


Link “helped” me work out this morning. I did GPP’s Shoulder Day and it felt so good to lift again. With life being out of whack, I’ve had almost no time for workouts—a big shame!

A few quick pics of some of today’s meals:


Greek yogurt and a Honeycrisp apple was part of my lunch—had some homemade vegetable soup, too.


Dinner was Annie’s mac ‘n cheese with roasted broccoli mixed in.

Be back tomorrow with a full day of eats.



  1. I remember the first day I got to wear a collared shirt with “personal trainer” emblazoned upon the back. I was very proud. Was jealous of other trainers that had them, before me. Those days are long since passed. Now, not only would I never wear one I encourage/beg? you to fling yours away with utter disdain. The problem is, those silly things aren’t about your clients. They aren’t about you or your excellence. They are more often than not about fitting you into a box. Successful trainers are never represented by their “trainer” shirts. Sucessful trainers can be spotted in any crowded room, regardless of what they wear.

    Pumped for you Maria. You are great!

    1. My gym requires trainers to wear specific shirts so they can easily be spotted by our members in case they have questions. :)

      Thanks Neil.

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