Say hello to my little friend

It’s FRIDAY! Hello, weekend! Except I’m working one day this weekend and the spin class I wanted to take tomorrow is canceled… womp womp womp.

But enough negativity—today has been a good day. Not only did work go smoothly today, but my Fitbit Zip finally arrived this afternoon.


I’ve used a BodyBugg off and on for the last two years to track my activity and calorie burn. Making sure you have an accurate picture of how many calories you burn daily is one of the most effective ways to manage your weight (and a great reminder to get up and move around during the day).

However, I’ve always had a few complaints about the BodyBugg: after spending $150 on your product, I don’t feel I should have to pay for a separate service to actually use the product I bought AND it’s bulky—people were always commenting and asking questions about what was on my arm. I also seemed to have some sort of reaction to the metal pieces on the back of The Bugg and would end up with a rash where they hit the skin occasionally.


When I saw that Fitbit was releasing a new product that tracked your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned AND it was only $59.99, I knew I wanted to try it. I ordered it last Friday and it arrived today—exactly one week.

So far, I really like it, but I haven’t gotten to test it much yet. Software setup was a bit tricky with my internet connection, but I finally got it figured out. I love that there is no monthly fees and it doesn’t need to be worn on my arm. It’s a small enough size that you can throw it in your pocket, but it also comes with a clip (seen above) that can attach it to your pants or bra.

I love gadgets, but fitness and health gadgets really get my engine revving… Winking smile


In other news, Link had a blast at the dog park this evening. He is such a fun dog.

Happy weekend, all… What workouts do you have planned for Saturday and Sunday?



  1. Looks like a nifty gadget. I use the fitness apps on my ipod which give me a good indication of my evenings workout. I don’t think we have a Fitbit here in the UK though.

    BTW, out of curiosity, is your dog named Link after the computer game character? If so….that’s cool.

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