Taking Care of Me

I’ve always been the kind of person who takes care of others—making sure others are happy and doing well is just ingrained into my being. But sometimes I forget to take care of me, too. And when that happens I have to take a step back and say, “Hey! You deserve to be happy and well, too.” This is my step back.

Being a trainer and working at a gym is a double-edged sword. I LOVE the environment, my co-workers, and helping people achieve their goals. I am literally amazed that I get a paycheck to spend time in a gym. Some days, though, it’s a struggle to get in my own training because the last thing I want to do after being surrounded by fitness equipment all day is workout. I think this is something every fitness professional faces from time to time.

Right now making sure I’m getting in my workouts (and making them count—no time for zoning out on a machine!) and eating clean needs to be my top priority. My days are jam-packed from the moment I wake up till the moment I close my eyes at night, but that’s no excuse for poor eating and skipping workouts. Too many protein bars and not enough greens leaves me feeling sluggish and blah…

I just have to remind myself that taking care of me, means feeling good and being able to take even better care of my clients.

My commitment to myself:

  • pack a balanced and clean lunch at night—no mindlessly throwing some food into my lunch bag in the morning
  • stick to a set bedtime and wake up time (and actually get up!)
  • run a mile each morning—hey, it only takes 10 minutes of my day and if it’s the only workout I get in, that’s better than doing nothing
  • schedule 4 set workouts into my week (usually a spin class and three strength training sessions)

Anyone else deal with poor work/life balance? Suggestions and tips welcomed!


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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