Spin and relax

That was the theme of my day…

My two goals for the day: make it to my 9 a.m. spin class—should have gone to bed earlier—and find some downtime for relaxing. I did both! (And I even remembered to take photos today to start sharing my meals and workouts, as promised.)

egg burrito breakfast

Breakfast was quickly thrown together since I had less than twenty minutes to get dressed, eat, and be in the car and driving to the gym. I made an eggurrito (egg burrito), which takes less than five minutes to cook and eat—it’s also a great portable breakfast option. My eggurrito was made from 1 egg + 3 tbsp. egg whites, with some bacon and cheese thrown on top while the eggs cooked.

Spin class was awesome! Unfortunately there were only two students (including me), but Michael, the instructor, had a great mix of music going on and I felt motivated the whole time we were climbing hills. I’m so glad I made myself wake up for class this morning. I’m going to do my best to make it a regular part of my routine.

link and bella great danelink in the car

I met my husband at the pet store after my workout to take Link to puppy playtime. I feel bad that he is alone for a good chunk of time during the week, so I try to do fun stuff on the weekend. He LOVED going and made friends with a beautiful Great Dane—Link has no fear.

green monster lunch

I was starving by the time we made it back home and threw together a Green Monster—fresh spinach, frozen banana, Trader Joe’s coconut milk, chia seeds, and peanut butter.

And then I crashed for a solid two hour nap on the couch with Link. Glorious!


Dinner was courtesy of Potbelly’s tonight—Jeremy and I had never even heard of this place, but one of the trainers at my gym told me I needed to try it. I ordered the chicken and cheese on whole wheat thin bread and a cup of broccoli and cheese soup, which was amazing. If Jimmy John’s and Quiznos had a baby, it would be Potbelly’s.

potbellys oreo shake

I also had an Oreo shake, which was so good (and how cute are those mini Oreos on the top?).

All-in-all a lovely day.


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