No time for fun

My life is so out of balance right now, but luckily it’s only temporary. That’s the price to pay for starting a new job and getting set up as a personal trainer, too. Lots of long days and some missed meals. The good news is that I’m just about back on a normal schedule—hopefully no more 12 hour days.

Unfortunately I didn’t make my goal of posting workouts and meals this week, but I am going to start IN THE MORNING. I want this blog/website to be not only an outlet for me, but a resource my clients can look to as an example (“Oh… that’s what a healthy lunch looks like!”).

I’ve been in the gym big time this week:

MONDAY: circuit workout
WEDNESDAY: short run and boxing
THURSDAY: back/arms strength training
FRIDAY: leg strength training

My eating hasn’t been as on-point as I would like (generally I try to eat clean during the week and relax a little on the weekend), but I am feeling good for the most part and enjoying this new journey.

I hope you’ll all continue to read, comment, and interact with me at I’ll be posting some information about my personal training and custom workout packages soon!

Time for sleep—I’m hitting up an early AM spin class in the morning.



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