Worker Bee

A week without a post… and for good reason!

My days have involved a little bit of this:

working out

Working Out

walking link

Walking the dog

biking 1IMG_20120916_170136

Enjoying what’s left of late summer

sweet harvest pumpkin

Fully embracing fall

link asleep

Couch snuggling

ready for work

And busting my ass at work!

Yep! I got a job working as a personal trainer (and service desk worker) at a local gym in town. Things really just aligned perfectly for this position to fall into my lap—and I’m trying to make the most of it because it seems like a great opportunity to really dig into the fitness world and learn all I can. I’m just now beginning the process of training for my gym, but my goal is to have at least two clients by this time next month. I think that’s very do-able.

I was incredibly busy trying to impress my boss and learn the ropes at work last week, but this week I have a more normal schedule and I want to get back to daily blogging—about my life, food, and fitness. I’m not even sure if anyone reads this anymore, but if you’re reading expect more frequent updates from now on.


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