Sunday Setup

Now that life has calmed down a whole heck of a lot and I’m spending a bunch of time at home (in other words: job searching)… it’s time to bring back the Sunday Setup.

Here’s how Sunday Setup works—I tell you what I’m planning on doing food and exercise-wise this week. Feel free to comment and let me know your plans. We can hold each other accountable.


I’ve looked at the amount of time I can currently devote to working out and compared that with my fitness goals and came up with this:

Monday: run (3 miles) + strength training (upper/abs)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: run (3 miles)
Thursday: spinning class
Friday: Body Pump class
Saturday: run (4 miles)
Sunday: yoga class

It’s possible the yoga class could become a rest day if my body really needs it.


Back to tracking my food this week. My goal is to track everyday—even on Saturday (my more relaxed eating day).


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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