Joining a gym thoughts

I thought today I would share what my workouts have looked like so far this week.

I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog—mostly because I took a giant HIATUS while we were moving and settling in—but I’ve dropped out of the Detroit Free Press Marathon for October. I got super busy with all the junk that comes along with running (and adopting a puppy) and couldn’t keep up with the high mileage. If the break had come earlier in marathon training I probably could have picked back up, but I felt like I had missed too many high-mileage runs to continue, enjoy the process/race, and actually achieve my goal. There will be more marathons, though… don’t doubt that!

One of the things I’ve looked forward to in returning The States is finding a gym that I loved. J and I are very lucky to have a small fitness room in our apartment complex, but I wanted a membership somewhere I can take classes and meet other like-minded people. Enter a group-deal website a few weeks back. The website was hosting a very good deal for two months of membership at a local gym and I couldn’t refuse. I joined on Tuesday and have enjoyed both of the classes I’ve taken so far.

Monday: 15-minute cardio + 2 sets upper body strength training
Tuesday: RPM (spinning) class
Wednesday: BodyPump class
Thursday: rest day

The RPM and BodyPump classes were firsts for me! I was especially nervous about the BP class, but in the end I enjoyed both of them—but Holy crap was the RPM class hard! I’m planning to take another Pump class tomorrow with the same instructor because I loved her so much!

So far I’m really enjoying my new gym—and the fact that I can fit in a quick run or ST session at our apartment.


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  1. It’s always difficult to get back into the rhythm of going to the gym after a long break. It’s like going back to school. I always get worried that the regulars will judge me for not going in such a long time. Once you get back in there though and feel the benefits of the muscle burn, it’s easy to catch the bug again. Hope you continue to enjoy the gym! Liked & Tweeted!

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