DetroitFP Marathon Training: Week 9

Week 9


4 mile run – 10:06  avg

Couldn’t wake up early enough to beat the heat (sleep won!) so I suffered through the heat/humidity for these 4 miles. Despite the weather, they were good miles and I felt strong.

Legs ST

Workout B from Best Body Bootcamp. Great routine—I felt it for days after!


4.62 mile run – 10:26 avg
Core ST

First try of Yasso 800’s. It was 91F with 87% humidity in the AM, so I waited to run until the sun was going down. Good choice. Really enjoyed this speed work and surprised myself. The pace seems slow, but that’s because it included 1 minute of total rest between 800s.


Rest really meant spending the day walking around Tokyo. Not rest at all.

12 mile run – 10:28 avg

Last long run in Japan. Bittersweet, for sure. Good run, though I started out a bit too eager and fast and was feeling quite dead-legged by the end.

2 mile run – 10:57 avg

Easy recovery run before spending the day on the beach


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