My first Yasso 800’s

I’ve been kind of putting off speed work lately because it’s just not my favorite part of running. BUT, I realize in order to get faster/stronger you have to put in the work. So tonight I reluctantly hit the river loop for my first Yasso 800 workout.

What are Yasso 800’s?

  • Take your marathon goal time in hours/minutes and convert this to minutes/seconds. For example, if your marathon goal is 3 hours and 10 minutes then convert that to 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • Try to run 800 meters (approximately 1/2 mile) in your converted time (3:10 in this example).
  • Recover after each 800 by jogging or walking for the same amount of time (again, 3:10 in this example). (Source)

My training plan called for the following:

  • 1 easy mile warm-up
  • 800 x5 @4:55  with 1 min rest between
  • 1 easy mile cool down
1 mile warm-up 10:14:50
800 M 4:30:76
1:00 REST
800 M 4:35:60
1:00 REST
800 M 4:34:67
1:00 REST
800 M 4:33:10
1:00 REST
800 M 4:33:27
1:00 REST
1 mile cool down 10:16:92

As mentioned in this post, my ultimate goal is sub-4:50 at the Detroit Free Press marathon. So, seeing that I was able to run my 800’s in 4:35ish made me feel pretty damn good!

Also, I realized after I started typing this post that I did the Yasso’s a bit wrong (should have done an easy jog of the same time between 800’s) so I will correct that next week.

The best thing about today’s run, though, was the consistency. I am not the greatest pacer and I tend to have very uneven splits, so I was happy to see this! And it was fun!


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