Leaving Japan mind dump

My days are officially running together. Is it Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? I have no idea. I tried to take our recyclable trash out on Monday evening, convinced it was really Tuesday evening. Then, I had the privilege of hauling all the plastic bottles back home since it was NOT recycling day.

It’s time to go home. For sure.

In the midst of all my days running together, I’m attempting to clean up our apartment for the new tenant, pack or trash belongings, and… oh yeah, train for a marathon.

Those lovely sit N stands + hip abductors from yesterday left me with a mighty sore bum this morning. So, no running today. Luckily, Best Body Bootcamp allows two days of rest to still be eligible for prize entry each week. Definitely needed that day of rest today, because tomorrow I’m tackling Yasso 800’s for the first time.

As each day pushes us closer and closer to our flight home, more and more activities are coming up. Tonight is J’s going away party for his school (mine was last weekend). On Friday, we’re headed to Tokyo to fulfill a few last-minute whims. And on Saturday I’ll be doing my last long-run in Japan. To be honest, the last one makes me the saddest and most nostalgic.

It wasn’t until moving to Japan that I fell in love with running. With no gym access, limited weights and workout DVDS, and lots of open road… it seemed like the logical choice. I’d always liked running well enough, so I kept with it when we moved to Japan 3 years ago. And I haven’t looked back. Japan gave me my first double-digit run. My first falls while running. My first marathon. My first “athletic” love. And I’ll be forever grateful for that.


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