Best Body Bootcamp initial thoughts


As I posted last week, I am participating in Best Body Bootcamp which began on Monday. What’s this bootcamp all about? BBBC is the creation of Tina. It’s a virtual bootcamp where participants receive  weekly workouts and support via e-mail and a Facebook group. In exchange for completing workouts/goals for the week, participants are entered into drawings for some BIG prizes (I’m talking $1000!).

So far, I’ve received the first phase of workouts (weeks 1/2), which includes an upper body strength routine, a lower body strength routine, and a full body strength routine. There’s also some cardio suggestions, such as HIIT workouts, but I’ll be sticking with marathon training for my cardio throughout this bootcamp.

Yesterday was an easy run day, with a 4 miler in the morning. I had planned on following that up with BBBC Workout A—upper body strength—but never got around to it. However, I did begin my day with BBBC Workout B—lower body strength—today and I’m so glad I did. I LOVED IT.

One particular exercise I really enjoyed was one-legged “Sit N Stands.” They were tough! I was really able to see the difference in the strength/coordination between my right (dominant) and left side, too. I don’t think many people pay attention to the strength imbalances within their bodies, but it’s very important for injury prevention.

I can’t wait to try Workout C later this week!


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