Let there be negative splits!

I was short on time this morning to get my run in before work—perfect excuse for skipping a run, right? WRONG! Perfect excuse for doing speed work.

Because I am setting a time goal for my second marathon (hoping for a sub 5:00:00 race), speed work is so important. I didn’t focus on speed at all for my first marathon, and it showed.

This morning I ran 3 negative-split miles. Negative splits are an easy way to get in a speed work without having to worry about measuring distances or using a track. Simply run a mile at a comfortable pace. Then, run your next mile a little faster. Repeat for the number of miles you want. Each mile should be faster than the first, so don’t start out too quickly.

Today’s splits for me:

  • Mile 1: 10:06
  • Mile 2: 10:00
  • Mile 3: 9:40

Not too shabby. I’m planning to incorporate some form of speed work every week until the race.


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