9 miles in the heat

Well… despite my best efforts last night at preparing for a kick-ass long run this morning, my run sucked.

Yes, I did the 9 miles on my training plan. Yes, I completed the run. But damn it was HOT and my body was NOT feeling it at all.


It took me 1:37 (I know the watch says 1:36, but it was 1:36:50—that’s clearly closer to 1:37) to finish the run and I was so glad for it to be over.

The biggest problem is that I woke up later than planned and didn’t get out the door until after 7:30 this morning. By that time the sun was starting to climb in the sky and it was humid, too. Please add to this the fact that I was stupid and ran along the river path which has NO SHADE. What was I thinking on that one?


So yeah… not a great run. In fact, after finishing I was definitely second guessing my desire to run another marathon. But I know that comes along with bad runs and next week when I have a great run I will feel like I can conquer those 26.2 miles no problem.


Despite having a less-that-stellar run, there were some positives that cannot be overlooked:

1. I kept a good attitude! One of the worst things about my first marathon was how defeated I felt by the half-marathon point—and it was my own fault for having a bad attitude. I’m carrying this with me throughout the training for my second marathon and challenging myself to stay positive and keep my thoughts and self-talk productive. I did it this morning! When I felt like this run was just impossible I’d remind myself, “Yes, it’s hot, but you are going to finish. You will not give up. At least you CAN run this morning.”

2. I’m upping the ante on my mental toughness. This kinda goes along with the first point, but it’s also kind of different. During the week I do not run with music, mostly to keep it “special” for weekend long runs. Today I ran the first 3 miles music-free to prepare myself for race day. I mean, what if my headphones stop working? What if my iPod breaks? I like running with music, but I never want it to be a crutch. But dang… felt so good to finally have some music after those first three miles.



3. I had some awesome orange juice. Okay, kinda lame… but true. After those 9 miles nothing sounded more amazing than orange juice. So I popped my smelly self into a Mini Mart and grabbed a 500ml carton. Mmmmm.

A few mistakes I want to work on correcting:

– I didn’t mix anything with my water this AM because I couldn’t stomach the thought of Nuun again (I don’t like my current flavors). In hindsight, this was dumb because it was hot, I was sweating, and my body would have appreciated the extra help.

– I didn’t carefully plan my route based on the weather. Shoulda took to the shade and spared myself.

– I didn’t wear sunscreen. Dumb.


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