Compression socks and a missed run

Meet my new training buddies:


Yep, I finally invested in real compression socks. I’ve been using some $5 ones I bought at a discount store here in Japan for the last year. They work okay, but I had a feeling real ones would do a much better job. So, I took the plunge when I found a 50% off deal with Pro Compression in February.

In an ideal world I would have gotten a color other than pink, but by the time I jumped on the deal this was the only color left in my size… ah well.

I definitely wouldn’t have paid $50 full price for these—because I am a cheapskate and that seems ridiculous for socks—but I am glad I bought them. I wore them after an easy 3 mile run this AM and my legs felt so good all day. If you’ve ever taken an ice bath and began to feel the fresh blood rushing into your legs as the heat restores itself… that’s how these made my legs feel. Love them. Would definitely buy another pair if I could grab them on sale.

Speaking of running, I missed my first run of marathon training on Monday. I woke up a little sore from Saturday’s long run+Sunday’s recovery run so I put in a yoga DVD I really like and did 25 minutes of it. I decided I would just push the run back another day and adjust the rest of the week accordingly. Apparently I am way out of yoga-shape, though… I woke up on Tuesday morning and my inner thighs felt like someone had beat them with a baseball bat. OUCH. So, I gave up on that run and just picked back up today.

In my last post I talked about beginning to use my Bodybugg again for some added accountability, so I thought I’d update you on how that’s going:

While I don’t love having something so noticeable on my arm, the BB really does remind me to stay active throughout the day and make good food choices. I’ve been tracking my food (Tuesday thru today) and I’m on the right path to losing weight again. Truthfully, I am feeling a lot better now that I’ve cleaned up some of the junk I was eating. I forget how shitty some foods make me feel until I stop eating them and begin to feel better. Fried foods, an excess of carbs, and not enough water make me feel so crappy.

This week has been really good. Things are starting to come together for our move home from Japan (I’ll talk about that in a later post).


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