Craving Accountability

Well, this bad boy was plugged into the charger today:




It’s been over a month since I last wore my Bodybugg (which is incredibly stupid considering I have a subscription until October!). Why’d I quit wearing it? A combination of laziness, not wanting something on my arm all the time, and feeling overly confident in my ability to do it on my own.


As our time in Japan is dwindling to an end, I am craving accountability more than ever. Balancing weight loss and also enjoying Japanese food while I can has not been easy. The scale says I am not doing very well at it, either!


But, for a variety of reasons I do need to cut some weight—mostly racing/job hunting related.


So, it’s back to weight loss basics: counting calories and knowing how much I’m really burning. Monitoring what I’m eating and making smart(er) choices is really the biggest obstacle for me because I work out quite a lot… but I also eat quite a lot.


*I’ve gotten a few questions about why I haven’t filmed/uploaded a video in a while. The truth is, I don’t have a program for editing anymore… Windows Movie Maker randomly decided to stop working for me. If anyone has a suggestion of a FREE program that will run on a netbook feel free to suggest.


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