Marathoning thoughts

There comes a point when you are training for a marathon when you have to make a decision: How important are my marathon goals vs. my current life routine?

If sticking with your current routine is more important (when you wake up and go to bed, what you eat, how often you go out with friends…etc.), finishing the marathon might not be a problem, but you may or may not reach the goals you set. If the marathon is priority, however, you will turn your life upside down in pursuit of reaching your goals.

This is the question I’ve been thinking about for a week or so. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the marathon is my priority right now. Training is going much better than I expected and I want to reach certain goals with this marathon.

My goal with my first marathon was to finish (obviously) and to pull in a sub-5:00:00 time. I finished in 5:40. Not even close.

My goals for the 2012 Detroit Free Press Marathon:

A: Finish without walking (except water stations)

B: Sub-4:50

C: Sub-5:00

These are current goals and will change in response to my training.

There’s only one way to ensure I reach my goals on race day and that is to make marathon training my lifestyle for these next 4 months. I really enjoy training, so it’s not a hard shift for me personally to live, eat, and breathe running.

It’s important to make the following a priority right now:

  • getting in bed by 10 each night to wake up at 6 the next morning
  • hydration! (a dehydrated body is worthless for training)
  • a plant-strong diet with the right portions of carbs/protein/healthy fats *
  • fitting in ST to prevent injury and be strong on race day
  • fitting in yoga to prevent injury and be flexible
  • limiting treats (gaining weight makes running harder!)

* I know I haven’t blogged about it much lately, but I am STILL working to lose these last 10 pounds and get back to racing weight. I’m also trying to enjoy our last 5 weeks in Japan, though. Sometimes these goals don’t mix well.


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