Speed work

What a day! And on 5 hours of sleep, nonetheless.

Today has been all about getting serious about our upcoming move—resume writing, job applying, and apartment hunting. Quite stressful, for sure. But, the good news is that I am ready to begin applying for personal trainer jobs in and around Ann Arbor. If you know anyone hiring for September 2012 please, please let me know. :)

My morning began with a speed workout courtesy of GPP. Earlier in the week Neil posted a run+lunge workout that I did today. It involved running and then doing lunges with arm moves. I didn’t actually time the workout, but I think I finished in about 20 minutes. Then I threw in another 1.5 to hit an even 3 miles for the day.

I’m not a fast runner. Currently I am averaging about 10 minute miles on most of my “easy” runs. So today’s run with 9:30-9:45 miles were a definite push for me!

If I want to get faster (I do!) then I gotta run faster. I’m going to try incorporating speed work in every week with a break during step-back weeks.


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