Thoughts from 5 rainy miles

Woke up this morning to drizzly, cold rain. But I thought to myself, “What am I going to do if I wake up to rain on marathon morning? I won’t skip the race, so I’m not skipping this run!”

That was all I needed to get my butt out of bed and moving out the door—and boy I am glad I didn’t skip my run because it was a good one. Some runs just feel like the most natural and effortless thing your body could be doing at that moment, and this was one of those.

My thoughts during this AM’s run:

* I’ve been feeling burnt out on exercise this week, so I took a break from GPP and everything except running. I’m glad I took the break, but I am ready to get back into my routine. I miss lifting!

* I should get back to yoga. There’s not enough time in the week for everything I’d like to do!

* I should buy a running hat. But I already have so many running clothes and trinkets that I won’t. Rain running down the face sucks.

* My friends are just as crazy as I am. Hi there, Marc. I found Marc and another friend running along the highway this morning, too. I kind of had a feeling I might stumble upon one of my running friends this AM.

* 5 miles was easy this morning. Surprisingly easy. After running with friends for about a mile I was off on my own again for two more miles and felt so strong! I have a feeling GPP has helped me become a stronger runner in the month I’ve been doing it than I really realize.

* Good music makes a world of difference when you are running for more than about 30 minutes. I’m trying to limit running with music to weekends to prevent song-burnout. Today’s playlist:


Just an FYI: Some of these songs aren’t “clean” so listen at your own discretion.

* I miss blogging. I’m going to get back to that this week. Check back tomorrow for my week 1 + 2 recaps of marathon training.


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