A Pit Day

Today is what I refer to as a Pit Day—the kind of day where no matter how much you eat or how much water you drink, you just can’t get full.

I have been hungry ALL. DAY. LONG. I know it’s my body’s response to the training I’ve been doing lately, but I hate it. I’m guessing last night’s hard workout+this morning’s run combined to create a voracious appetite by lunchtime.

Some people marathon train for the food—you can eat A LOT during training and maintain your weight, if you eat smart—but I get tired of the constant nagging hunger quite quickly. Food, while a nice perk, would never be enough to get me to train for a marathon. No way.

Pit Days make me feel crazy, quite honestly. Even though I KNOW I chose healthy/clean foods today, I still have this doubt in the back of my mind that makes me question whether I should have been eating when I did. I just have to tell that doubt to SHUT UP because I know when my body is hungry and truly needs fuel and I’m not about to deprive it. If I were calorie counting it would be easy to calm this worry, but I’m relying on intuitive eating, so I don’t actually know a number of how much I consumed today.

Even though it’s totally unnecessary, I’m going to write it out just to get out of my own head.

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Post-workout: Protein shake (protein powder mixed with water) + apple

Lunch: 2 packs Nature Valley granola bars (craving quick carbs BIG time) + large salad

Snack: probiotic yogurt with fresh blueberries and pomegranate

Snack: 2 homemade banana nut muffins

Dinner: bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup

Snack: homemade banana nut muffin with smear of almond butter

So, yeah… nothing up there to really feel bad about. Sure, I probably could have made a few better choices *ahem, 3 banana nut muffins*, but it’s not like I’ve been eating candy and guzzling soda all day.

On top of my Pit Day, I also had a sick husband on my hands. J came home from work early today with a nasty sore throat. I’ve been trying to stay at an arm’s length all day because Lord knows I don’t want/need to get sick right now.

Tomorrow’s a new day, right?


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