DetroitFP Marathon Training: Week 0

Wanna know what got me out the door for my workout this evening?

I didn’t want a big X on my training plan the very first week. Kind of silly, but it worked!

Today’s GPP workout was Lil Kate:


(Click on the above photo to see the workout on GPP’s site!)

My metric to miles conversions aren’t so great, so I had no idea that I’d be running 2.5 miles before this workout was over. And because I did this workout right in front of my apartment, I was running the second half of those 400s uphill. What. A. Workout.

And damn those burpees. (I WILL learn to like them one day, right?)

Head over to the Lil Kate post to see my time and other thoughts.

Let’s just say I felt like this afterward:

May 2012

It’s the workouts you don’t want to do that matter most.

Onto this week’s marathon training.

This was what I’m calling “Week 0.” The week before real training begins to give me a chance to feel everything out and see how my body is feeling.


(Click the above image to make it larger.)


  • runs: 4
  • miles: 9
  • GPP workouts: 5
  • tears: 0 (so far)

Time for dinner! My tummy’s growling and ready to be filled.

(No weigh-in video this week, by the way. I just didn’t feel like filming one. I was down another half pound, though.)


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