What Saturdays are made of

Recently I’ve been in a big rut. I’m [[REALLY]] ready to move back home (to the U.S.) and I’m counting the days until my job in Japan is finished.

But today was just the day I needed to perk my mood back up.


Starting with a run—well, technically starting with sleeping in and then running. My marathon training plan called for two long/slow miles. But, after I got moving this morning I was feeling good and figured I’d go for 3.


Not going to lie—that third mile was a pure mental game with myself. I knew I could do it physically, but mentally I just didn’t want to. But I did it and felt totally awesome afterwards.


Mornings are quickly getting hotter (and more humid) though, so I need to start waking up early to get in runs or this summer is going to be pure torture.

I also did half of GPPs workout for the day after my run. Burpees are evil. Burpees after running for 30 minutes are just plain torture.

lean and green lunch

A long shower (J kept saying something about me smelling bad, but I don’t know what he was talking about…) and a lean and green lunch was much needed.

And then I took a glorious hour-long nap. Exactly what I wanted.

banana nut muffin

I spent some time playing in the kitchen this afternoon—something I’ve not done in way too long. I made some healthy banana nut muffins, some homemade almond butter, and some crunchy honey roasted peanut butter for J.

I also finally got around to finishing a book I’ve been reading for about two weeks (maybe longer?). The more Jodi Picoult books I read, the more I love her as a writer. Now, I don’t know anything about the woman as a person, but as a writer, she sure knows how to get a reader by the heart.

lean and green dinner

Dinner was another lean and green (protein+veggies) meal. I made a 3+1 omelet (3 egg whites+1 egg yolk) with some cheese inside and put together a bucket salad on the side.

Now it’s nearing bedtime and I’m enjoying some tea. Going to hang out with The Husband for a bit and drift off to dreamland. Need my Zzz’s to have energy for tomorrow’s GPP workout (which looks awesome!).


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