2 for me


Second run of “marathon training” is DONE. I’m using marathon training in quotes because as much as I want this training to work out, it’s still too early to tell if my body is going to cooperate.

The good news is that today was another pain-free run. Every pain-free run is one step closer to that big 26.2.

Today’s run was all the sweeter thanks to my husband.


Our 3-year wedding anniversary is later this month, and he bought me an iPod Nano as a gift. He decided to go ahead and give it to me so I could be using it. So much easier than having to carry around my clunky phone—which, by the way, I don’t have music on because it’s a pain in the A$$ to transfer from iTunes to Droid.

Moving on…


I’m also still LOVING the Nike Frees. (I swear to stop talking about them in every post. Someday.) To me, they really feel like I’m running barefoot, which just a smidge more cushion.


2 miles in 19:56. I’ll take it! :)

Today’s GPP workout involved sprints, and I knew I couldn’t do the training run+the sprints, so I went my with my training. But, I did do the 30 dumbbell deadlifts and some piriformis stretches listed for today’s warm-up.

Tomorrow’s GPP workout is looking awesome. I can’t wait!


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