Badass, Crazy, or Both?

Hey guys. I have a few minutes to write a post before we head out for dinner.

The last few weekends have been SO busy and this weekend was no different. Saturday was spent running errands and yesterday was a mixture of fun (early AM hiking with Marc) and work (office BBQ). All-in-all I am spent and ready for a weekend at home soon. No matter how much fun I am having, being out and about all day totally wears my body out.


I was up and at ‘em at 4:30 yesterday morning (couldn’t fall back asleep) and met Marc at 6 to climb Jyouyama again. This time I climbed in my Vibrams and it was so fun to feel the rocks under my feet. They also made it way easier to grip as I was climbing up.

We were up and back down before the supermarkets were even open, which is pretty cool.


We saw this little Fiddler Crab on the way back down. How cute is he? He was ready to take a bite outta Marc, but couldn’t quite get to him.


I started this morning with a 1.5 mile run in my Nike Free Run 3s. So far, I REALLY love running in these. I sincerely hope things don’t go South with these shoes because my feet seem to be very happy and pain-free. Let’s not talk about it because I don’t want to jinx it.

This is the longest I have ran in well over a month. It was a little tough because of the humidity, but my legs were actually feeling good. Thanks GPP.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am registered for the Detroit Free Press Marathon (October 21). Since my stress fracture popped up—which now seems to be healed—I was pretty sure I would not be training for/running the full marathon. However, I still think it might be possible.

I’ve modified my original training plan to include more weeks of training at lower mileage. I’m going to just go with it and train as long as I have no injuries. I’m not training for time—I’d just like to enjoy the process and complete my second marathon. I’m also curious to see how routinely strength training with GPP affects my running.

For the record, J is totally against me running the full at this point and thinks I am crazy. I realize he is probably right, but I can’t help but wonder, “What if I can?” Runners are insane people and I DO NOT recommend anyone else doing this or following my example. Please be smart and ready before beginning a marathon training plan. If this were my first marathon I wouldn’t even consider it. If at any time training becomes a danger to my health I will stop without question—running is fun, but there’s more to life than running.

So you tell me: attempting this marathon—badass, crazy, or both? I’m going to go with both.


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