Burpee hate and progress photos

I think Neil is trying to kill me.

This is how my morning started:


When I saw the workout posted last night I thought, “This is going to suck, but I can do it…”  I also kept reminding myself that you don’t get results by doing the same stuff you’ve always done. So this morning I burpee-d.

It was hard! SO HARD! I actually could not finish this workout. It’s the first workout I’ve quit in a long time and at first I was disappointed in myself for not being able to physically finish it out—asthma started kicking it after finishing 15 burpees+sprint. But then I quickly reminded myself that there was NO reason for disappointment. Hell, I’d just finished 105 burpees in less than 12 minutes. That’s not the full workout, but it sure is something to be DAMN PROUD of.

And then I went and swam laps for 20 minutes, which was tough, too, since I’ve not swam in a few months.

Overall, I’d call today’s workout(s) a learning success. I’m just glad tomorrow’s GPP workout does not include Burpee Demons. I hate them—but I only hate them because they are hard, which means I should learn to love them.

Okay, progress pics time. I went ahead and took these today since I was already in a swimsuit.


Photos in the purple sports bra were taken ONE MONTH ago. Photos in the bikini were taken this morning. No touchups or photoshopping—just results! :)

This has all come from weight lifting and not a lot of cardio because of my stress fracture (which I think is now healed). Don’t be afraid to lift!



  1. WOW! Your progress is amazing! Good job. Just a little tid-bit, when you go to GPP they say things like, “If you have been going for less than a month, you should half this workout”–that’s what they said about this workout–so some people started at 10 burpees and went down from there. So the fact that you went at it full speed ahead is definitely nothing to sneeze at! Good for you on making it as far as you did–THAT is what matters!

  2. Ohh–also, just an aside–it may be nice to link back to the workout URL at GPP if you are going to post the screen shot of the workout.. both for your readers to find the workout on GPP’s site easily and to give Neil credit for taking the time to design such awesome workouts! xo

    1. Janetha–It would have been good to know to cut it in half. Haha. Something to aspire to.

      Also, good idea on linking the images back to GPP. I’ll start doing that. Not sure why I didn’t think of that myself! :)

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