Everyday is new

Remember my goal of moderation/portion control at Saturday night’s dinner and karaoke party? Epic fail. Epic, epic, epic fail.


That’s all I’ll say.

But the good news is that everyday is new and we get a chance to start over any time we choose. So that’s where I’m at this Tuesday. Starting over after a crazy Saturday night and a less than stellar Sunday and Monday is just what I need.

Truthfully, I feel like crap after eating so poorly and not taking very good care of myself for those few days. Clean eating makes my body feel great and full of energy—all it takes is a few days of junk food to be quickly reminded of why I choose to eat clean. Unfortunately, it does take a few days of clean eating to get back to feeling like myself. In the meantime, I’m riding out the “brain fog” and low energy wave.

I skipped my workouts on Sunday and Monday, so I knew I needed to tackle today’s GPP workout this morning and get back to business.


It was tough, but it was fun. And those Dippy Birds were some of the most awkward exercises I’ve ever tried, but a good challenge. I bet I’ll feel them tomorrow.

All together I was able to complete 5 non-RX rounds.

I didn’t run though. My feet are still tired from my run on Saturday afternoon + Saturday night shenanigans. I’m going to run tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

I’m also grocery shopping today. There’s not a piece of fruit to be found in our apartment and that is sad.

Now for something totally different:


J had the day off work yesterday so we finally took a daytrip to Kamakura. We’ve been saying we wanted to do this for months, but every time we planned the trip the weather ended up being awful. Luckily, yesterday was gorgeous and we had a great time.

The main reason I wanted to make it up to Kamakura before leaving Japan was to see The Big Buddha.


I’m not Buddhist, but I had to stand in awe of this statue and the sheer manpower it would have taken to build it in its day. It was created in the 1200s and it’s so large that you can go inside. Truly breathtaking.

Okay… time to power through this Tuesday!


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