Packing mayhem begins

Oh Goodness. Another week’s come and gone before I know it. Truthfully, I’m pretty A-OK with that. This girl is ready to get her butt home to the U.S.A. and every week that goes by is one week closer to getting there.

Approximately 11 weeks remaining in Japan at this point.

This morning I woke up and stormed the GPP WOD. Loved every tough minute of it—all 19 of them. Then, I went for a little run. Yes, a run. That would happen the day after I posted a blog about running, wouldn’t it? My foot didn’t hurt, but I’m not getting my hopes too high yet.

The rest of my day was consumed by this:


Boxes, boxes everywhere. I’m seriously tired of moving and ready to find some place to settle down.

We’re mailing off some of our stuff tomorrow and needed to get it packed up today.

I also tackled this mess:


My closet, sans doors, before and after. I’m donating THREE boxes of stuff tomorrow, too, which I’m taking as a sign that I should STOP BUYING CLOTHES.

Here’s this week’s weigh-in:

If you want to feel bad about yourself, let YouTube pick your video still. ;)

I’m going out with some friends tonight for dinner, drinks, and karaoke. My goal is to enjoy the evening and have fun, but keep my portion and drinks in check.


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