GPP Obsession

I have new obsession I MUST share with you, friends.


Janetha has posted about GPP Fitness a few times in the past month and I finally checked out their website last week. I’m so hooked. GPP has a physical location in Utah (where I obviously do not live), but they also post their Workout Of the Day online. I’ve done two of the WODs so far and they are killer. But, a good killer. The kind of workout that makes you say “Damn. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s WOD will be!”

And yes, I have been checking every night to see what Neil and his crew have in store for me tomorrow. LOVING IT. Like, seriously go to bed looking forward to waking up and pushing my body. And because each WOD works different muscles, you can strength train for multiple days in a row.

This is tomorrow’s workout:


It’s named SAD (after single arm deadlift) and I had to laugh just a little when I read the warm-up… because I was feeling very sad that I couldn’t opt for the run. The running bug is biting hard these days and I keep having to tell myself that it’s just a few more weeks away. A few more weeks is feeling like light years these days, though.

Not sure what I’ll do for the warm-up tomorrow—all 3 suggestions are OUT for this stress-fractured foot—but I’ll come up with something.

Another fun aspect of GPP Fitness is logging on after my workout to post my “scores” and see how I did in comparison to others. Today, for example, was an 8-round 20/10 tabata workout (work for 20 seconds, rest for 10). On the last exercise of squats, I managed to pull off 130 squats. Talk about feeling strong!

I get the feeling that the GPP workouts are kind of similar to Crossfit, but I’ve never done a Crossfit workout so I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me.



  1. Havent read blogs in so long because of blend retreat! Happy to take some time to catch up here. I couldn’t agree more about getting excited to see each new GPP workout. wish you could come train with us in person, it’s so fun. You’ll be seeing more posts from Neil on my blog in the future–he’s very knowledgable! Glad to have you on board. Loved your post about running and distance. Xo!

    1. Thanks Janetha! I SO wish I could train in person with you guys there! Maybe someday. Haha.

      In the meantime I’ll keep going strong from home. The workouts are tough but what keeps me coming back is knowing there’s something new everyday. I get SERIOUSLY burnt out on workout DVDs that do the same stuff over and over.

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