A MOVE-ing Challenge

Hey friends.

First things first, Monday and yesterday were total bombs on the eating front for me. I went over my calories on Monday because I wasn’t being very thoughtful and yesterday I was out of town and decided against tracking. Just throwing that out into the Universe and also letting anyone who reads know I’m not perfect. Today’s a new day, though! :)

The other (real) reason for this post is Move More in May, a fun challenge my friend Janetha came up with to encourage more movement throughout the day—not just from your workout.


Like I said, this isn’t my idea… it’s Janetha’s genius brainchild. However, I AM PARTICIPATING and hope you guys will, too. Besides the gift of extra activity, there are also some pretty amazing prizes. All you have to do is get in some extra movement during your day—workouts DO NOT COUNT (you should be doing those anyway!)—and then leave a comment on Janetha’s Move More in May page. You can access the page and get more information by clicking the graphic above!

Who else is in?


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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