Mountain climbing & weekly weigh-in

What a day!


Today began a 10-day stretch of vacation time for me and I spent the first half of the day climbing the above mountain—Jyouyama. My friend Marc is obsessed with this mountain and has climbed it A LOT. Every time I see Marc he’s inviting me to come climb with him, but it hadn’t worked out until today. But man, am I glad it worked out!


Jeremy, my husband, and I climbed with a handful of other foreigners (and friends!) from our area. I think it was most of our first times going up, so we were all looking forward to it. Lucky for us, the weather held out and was absolutely gorgeous, even a little hot at times. The heat and sunshine were much appreciated by me, though… I’m sick of all the rain Japan keeps dumping on us every single weekend. I think this is the first nice Saturday in like three months?


It took about an hour to reach the summit and that was with us climbing at a leisurely pace. Some of the terrain was pretty steep, though, and I took a few tumbles. No worries, I’m OK.

Once we reached the summit we all had some snacks and Marc even pulled out a bottle of wine for us to kanpai (toast) with. I just had a little swig since I don’t drink much these days and didn’t want to be buzzed heading back down the mountain.


While we were at the top, I thought I should do some pushups… I mean, why not do pushups on top of a mountain? I cranked out 15 toe pushups in a row for a new personal record (that I’ll hopefully break really soon).

The hike was amazing—seriously want to do it again as soon as possible—and I crashed for three hours when I got home.

I filmed my weekly weigh-in on the way down the mountain. Pardon me falling and busting my ass toward the end of the video. I thought I’d leave it in to humor you! :)

Watch this to see me bust my ass!


Goals for this week are just to drink lots of water (the heat and humidity are creeping up on me more by the day), stay active, and get outside as much as possible during my vacation. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be down another pound.


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