Low-Impact Circuit [Workout]

It’s Monday and time to move! Each Monday I’ll post a new workout that I’ve created or found (with proper credit) to inspire you to get your week kicked off right. Welcome to Monday Movement!

Get your week started with this quick (but intense) strength training circuit:

This is a really good workout if you don’t have a lot of equipment to work with—all you need are dumbbells and about 15 minutes. I used 5 pounders for the military presses and my shoulders were burning… use whatever weight you are comfortable with. You can also personalize this workout to your current fitness level. Can’t do pushups on your toes? Who cares… do them at an incline to work up to toe pushups!

This workout is low-impact to suit my current injury. I hope it will help others realize the amount of exercises available if you have an injury that prevents high impact activities. Use your imagination!


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