Weekly Weigh-in: #2

Hey there friends. It’s that time of the week again…weigh-in day.

I actually woke up excited to jump on the scale and see this week’s progress. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt that way. It’s a nice change.

I was surprised to find…


Even though I limited my calories this week, I had a few days that weren’t on point. I wasn’t sure how those days would affect my weigh-in, but I was hoping they wouldn’t totally kill any deficit I had created. Luckily, I still lost almost two pounds—more than I lost last week and more than I’m even aiming for. Remember, my goal is just to drop about half a pound a week.

Starting weight: 135
Current weight: 131.56

This week’s weight loss: 1.76 pounds
Total weight loss: 3.08 pounds


– I didn’t submit to all or nothing thinking, even on the days I wasn’t on point. This is HUGE for me.

– Meal planning and preparation went smoothly. I’ve been prepping for the entire week on Mondays—make a huge salad, chop veggies, boil eggs, etc. and it makes the rest of the week so easy and nearly painless.


– Went over my calorie limit, or didn’t count the whole day a couple of times. Need to be more dedicated to counting calories.

– Not enough water! Want to get my drinking up to 6-8 cups a day consistently.

– Workouts were really limited this week because of my stress fracture. :( (Post on that coming later this week.)


– Weight goal for the week ahead is to hit an even 130. That’s another 1.5 pounds.

– Move! Yes, I think I have a stress fracture… but there are low-impact options out there that I’m going to hit up this week.

– Count everything. Even if I know I am going to go over, I think it’s a good practice.


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